Archipelago Cruises – Private Santorini Boat Cruises

Archipelago Cruises - Private Santorini Boat Cruises
Archipelago Cruises - Private Santorini Boat Cruises

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Private Santorini Boat Cruises


Santorini is the place to be!
Astonishing view, dramatic scenery, secret swimming spots, crystal-clear blue water, the majesty of the Aegean Archipelago and a history that takes you back thousands of years!

Archipelago Cruises – Private Santorini Boat Cruises

Santorini Caldera
Archipelago Cruises
Why with us!

Our team of experienced professionals have carefully selected and optimized each of our trips, to ensure that you get the best out of this once in a lifetime experience! The captain, a seafarer of the Aegean and a connoisseur of all the secluded beaches and the secret spots of the island will be your skipper and host! Enjoy Private Santorini Boat Cruises & Tours with Archipelago Cruises.


Archipelago Cruises – Private Santorini Boat Cruises. A private boat tour is the absolute number one on everybody’s to-do list from the moment they set foot on Santorini for the first time.

The unique perspective of the island and its majesty that you fully experience only when you cruise around it, the breathtaking view of the caldera from the sea and the close contact with the marvel of the Aegean Sea is, will be the crown-jewels of your stay in Santorini and a life-long lasting memory.

Archipelago Cruises
Archipelago Cruises - Private Santorini Boat Cruises

Santorini is beautiful all-year round but from mid May to mid October it is simply spectacular! Cruising around the island during this season is an experience that will truly satisfy all your senses. Yes, all five of them! Let your sight be dazzled by the glittering blue sea during high noon, your smell overwelmed by the morning breeze, your touch surpised by the warmth of the blue water. Hear the Archipelago clashing with the shore, taste the fruits of the depths of the sea. Feels like heaven on earth?

Our Boat

Our boat is an 8 meter rib, with ample space and comforts. Rigid inflatable boats are the safest and thus most popular boats to find your way through the Aegean Sea and its hidden treasures!

Ice-cold refreshments, beer, wine and snacks are always available on board so you can fully enjoy you trip big or small!

As you would expect, snorkeling equipment is synonymous to standard equipment on our boat. We have made sure that you can enjoy a surface to bottom experience of our warm and inviting seas without troubling yourself carrying anything that you might need, including towels.

Archipelago Cruises - Private Santorini Boat Cruises
Tasting Greek Summer

For anyone that has ever spent a summer vacation in Greece and especially in Santorini the experience is most certainly a tasty one. We go the extra mile and make sure that your food aesthetics will be altered forever by the culinary creations of the chef of …..tavern located on the island of Therasia.

Should you wish to partake in this summer ritual, we’ll have a table by the shore reserved for you, filled with what your taste buds crave for, be it meat, cheese, seafood, fresh vegetables and everything in between, all grown, produced or harvested locally.

Vegetarian and vegan dishes available as well

Moonlight Trip

Millions of people dream of enjoying one day the world-renowned sunsets of Santorini. Some of them end up making that dream come true.
A select few however, will swear by its moon lit nights while leisurely cruising around the Caldera. You can be certain that we are ready to offer you this otherworldly experience whenever there is a chance of a calm sea and a big moon combined.
We cater for the drinks, you choose the music and you are all set for the experience of a lifetime!
After such a cruise with us don’t be surprised if you end up wondering about the fuss with those sunsets. No, just kidding. Sunsets are great too…in Santorini.

Archipelago Cruises - Private Santorini Boat Cruises
Caldera Diving - Santorini Dive Resort
Other Activities

Archipelago Cruises is also co-operating with the best Scuba Diving Company in Santorini.

At Caldera Diving you will find a small and professional team sharing the same passion for diving. We are proud to offer to our customers a big package of services to satisfy almost everyone.

Scuba diving in Santorini is one of the more interesting areas to dive in Aegean sea. The volcanic formations offers to the divers a unique experience. It is an ideal holiday destination for both divers and non divers due to its year round sunshine, warm temperatures and unique view of the volcano.

Private Santorini Boat Cruises


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