Archipelago Cruises – Our Boat

Our Boat

Archipelago Cruises – Our Boat

Our boat is an 8 meter rib, with ample space and comforts. Rigid inflatable boats are the safest and thus most popular boats to find your way through the Aegean Sea and its hidden treasures!

Ice-cold refreshments, beer, wine and snacks are always available on board so you can fully enjoy you trip big or small!

As you would expect, snorkeling equipment is synonymous to standard equipment on our boat. We have made sure that you can enjoy a surface to bottom experience of our warm and inviting seas without troubling yourself carrying anything that you might need, including towels.

Archipelago Cruises - Private Santorini Boat Cruises

A private boat tour is the absolute number one on everybody’s to-do list from the moment they set foot on Santorini for the first time.

The unique perspective of the island and its majesty that you fully experience only when you cruise around it, the breathtaking view of the caldera from the sea and the close contact with the marvel of the Aegean Sea is, will be the crown-jewels of your stay in Santorini and a life-long lasting memory.

Whether you’re bringing the whole family or reuniting with friends, celebrating a special occasion or just getting some fun quality time – we’re ready to welcome your group aboard with special offers, options and an experience you’ll talk about for years to come!

Private Santorini Boat Cruises


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